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What to look for in Woolloongabba accommodation

Alexandra Serviced Apartments have the perfect Brisbane location, just minutes from the CBD, accommodation opposite the PA Hospital and next to the Centra Shopping centre. All the modern units have a bunch of features such as a full kitchen and laundry and all the important facilities.Studio, 2 bedrooms, wheelchair, you can choose the apartment you need in the Brisbane area.

After you have worked out your needs, contact Alexandra Serviced Apartments to find out how they can help you. The venue even has a full service business suite and office to take care of your day to day needs if you are in Brisbane on a Business Trip and need secretarial services on hand.

Unlike coping with agents and expensive, Alexandra Service Apartments offers you a home away from home, with exceptional services at great rates. Save time, effort and money by checking out the great value Brisbane Apartments from Alexandra Serviced Apartments today by calling us on 1800 246 146 or visiting the website home page.

The Perfect Self Contained unit next to the Princess Alexandra Hospital

Finding a great Woolloongabba studio apartment can be a worrying task, and searching for one can sometimes be quite depressing.

Working out you budget for price ranges prior to looking will save you lots of time. Additionally, take into consideration what kind of accommodation you’d be keen on. How many bedrooms, what amenities you need, do you need the apartment to be wheelchair accessible, and of course what is your desired location.

When hunting for a place to stay in Brisbane, many people find that location is one of the most important factors. Some places may appear extremely attractive, but are found in awkward places, or in bad districts. Some areas have unrestrained noise and high rates of crime. When you weight up all the disadvantages they become way overpriced.

Alexandra Serviced Apartments are the perfect place for a stay in Brisbane – long or short term. The neighbourhood is great, apartments are quiet, staff friendly and helpful, the rates low, and best of all the location is perfect with excellent access to the Brisbane CBD right opposite the PA Hospital.

The best Studio Apartments are there for their tenants, and are always ready to provide help. Alexandra Serviced Apartments offers all the services of your own home, with fully self contained services like laundry, kitchen, and a full sized fridge. bet you cant find that in a motel!

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Princess Alexandra Hospital Accommodation – How to find the best deal!

Ensuring your holiday goes to plan isn’t hard to do, it just needs to be carefully structured. First of all you need to choose where to go. When you have decided where you want to go on holiday you can start to arrange the things you need to do and see.

Many people enjoy the bigger cities like Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, so when you decide to travel to one of these destinations on top of your list should be finding good accommodation that won’t break the budget.

There are several different web sites that offer the keenest prices on hotels, so check out a few of them before going on to make the call. One type of accommodation that is often overlooked are Serviced Apartments. This type of lodging gives you many of the comforts of home without the hefty price tag of the five star hotels.

When searching for good wheel chair access accommodation, make sure your location is central. You need to be close to all the major places you need to visit – if you want to hit the CBD then be close to that. Make sure you are near restaurant strips or supermarkets if you choose the self-contained apartment option.

Taxis and public transport can become costly if you have considerable distances to travel and can be especially frustrating in peak hour.

Many tourists recommend that you stay just out of the CBD for convenience, but close to all the important amenities and attractions.